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Innes Sibun


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We met up with them at the Dallas International Guitar Festival 2013





28th January - Bar Brunel, Bridgwater (Blues mercenaries)


1st February  -  The Blues kitchen, Camden, London (With Marcus Malone)

8th February  -  Steam, Bristol


3rd March -   1pm  Blues at Barleylands, Billericay,Essex   

                              (With Marcus Malone)

                        9pm   Cellar bar, Devizes   

                             (Blues Mercenaries)

16th March  -  Boarhunt blues, Hampshire (With Marcus Malone)

17th March  -  Bristol jazz & blues festival, Colston hall 

22nd March - Beaverwood club (With Marcus Malone)

23rd March  -  Boom Boom club Sutton (With Marcus Malone)

30th March  - Jazzland at St.James,Swansea (With Marcus Malone)

31st March  -  Old fire station, Carlisle (With Marcus Malone)


9th June   -  Suceava Blues Confusion Festival, Romania

21st June - blues & folk festival Anguilla.

22nd June - blues & folk festival Anguilla.

23rd June - blues & folk festival Anguilla.


7th July - Linton blues festival

14th July - Saddleback festival, Devizes

20th July - Blues festival,Spain tbc 

29th July - Gloucester blues festival


5th August - Gouvy jazz & blues festival, Belgium.

25th August - Colne blues festival


14th September - Arts centre, Darlington

15th September - Bucks blues rock festival

20th September - Bluefunk club, Cheshire

21st September -  Atkinson centre, Southport

22nd September - The Musician, Leicester

30th September - Carlisle blues festival


11th October - Blackpool

12th October - Keighley

13th October  -  Annaberg-Buchholz blues festival, Germany


3rd November - Long street blues club, Devizes

9th November - Schwarzer Adler, Rheinberg Germany

10th November - Guitar heroes festival, Joldelund Germany

23rd November - Blues club, Sedgefield


9th December - Blues at the Heathlands, Bournemouth


The Gallery


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